Together for a Sustainable Solution

The Waste Management Coalition (WMC) is a group of civil society organizations, independent experts, and environmental activists in Lebanon. WMC is working towards sustainable waste management in Lebanon, circumventing environmental and health hazards.

WMC was established, because Lebanon lacks a vision and strategy on sustainable waste management. This is due to authorities’ recurring failures to find comprehensive, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions in this sector.

Since the early nineties, temporary and emergency plans have been applied; the latest being a government decision licensing two landfills where waste is being disposed, without prior sorting and treatment since 2016. This approach has been detrimental to the Lebanese at large and served only the interests of a few. Waste is being dumped in inappropriate locations on the Lebanese coast, in the vicinity of the international airport, and within residential areas, or even disposed through open burning or in haphazard dumpsites, without any monitoring or accountability.

Today, national and sub-national authorities in charge of waste of management are proposing incineration under the guise of “thermal degradation” as a solution, even though incinerators are not suitable for local conditions in Lebanon. Incinerators are the most harmful technique for municipal solid waste and the least preferred, because of its impact on people’s health and on the environment. It is also the most expensive technique.

Our Goal:

Pressure the authorities in charge of solid waste management in Lebanon to set and apply an integrated sustainable waste management strategy, with clear implementation action plans; starting with waste reduction, reusing and recycling (3Rs), material and energy recovery, and then moving down the waste management hierarchy to other disposal techniques that are most suited to local specificities, while always meeting national and international environmental standards and laws.

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